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Added Video to "Living the Story" Website I Designed

I designed a website for Living the Story, the Greater DC Area Guild of the Network of Biblical Storytellers a few years ago, an organization I'm part of. After the first year of a web presence, we gained a new member who found us on the Internet. Next, I added a "Videos" page and added a good selection of videos I shot, showing our guild "in action". This got us some bookings for us to present Biblical stories as part of worship services. But what we really needed was a video right on the home page telling the site visitor WHY we think Biblical storytelling is so vital. The visitor can gain so much more information about the "personality" of the organization, through facial expressions and tone of voice. Over the course of a couple of months and 4 hours of video editing, I finished our Home Page Video and showed it to our guild. After approval, I re-designed the site to accommodate the new video and uploaded it today! Check it out at

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