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ABOUT DOMAIN NAMES: If your contact e-mail address ends with .aol or .comcast or .cox or .hotmail or .gmail, you are advertising for those companies! Get a domain name with your company’s name. I'll be glad to help you get one. If you own a business such as Jim's Automotive, you can try different combinations to get a domain name that is not already registered. For example, if is already taken, try,, (for the D.C. area) or If your name is Jim, then you can have an email such as If you have an unusual name, like Jim Quarry, you might be able to register and create your email as

Email addresses: After you buy your domain name, I can help you set up your email with YOUR company's name, and add your name in front. If your name is Robert, but everyone calls you “Bob” use Short e-mails are best — you cut down on the possibility of someone typing it in wrong.

Domain Name Prices: Domain names are usually priced annually, and sometimes you can get a discount on the renewal price by paying for 2 years in advance. One of my clients paid 5 years in advance for his domain name. Good price for domain name registration only:

Domain with Hosting: If you are shopping for a domain name WITH Web site hosting, great prices are available through,,, Do try to find out how much their prices increase after the first year.

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