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Websites: Everyone will tell you that you need one — but you can have a site with ONE page! However, if you have information that your customers need to know, you’ll need multiple pages. Marketing research has shown that people do NOT like to scroll, unless using a smartphone. They’d rather click to another page.

When your visitor is Ready to Buy or Hire Your Services: It's

important to have your contact information on EVERY page. Don’t make your potential customer or client hunt for your contact information. That said, they may not notice that your phone number and e-mail address is right in front of them, so adding a “Contact Us” page is still okay, especially if you have a form on that page where they can leave their e-mail and/or a comment.

your adaptive web site: If you hire a Web development company, make sure they will create a Web site for you that is “responsive” or at least “adaptive” — re-formatted for the

smartphone. Manyprofessional Web development companies are not doing this! If you hire me, I can format the site I design for you for smartphones (adaptive), although it costs a little more time.

Search Engine Optimization: It also costs more time to add keywords and information to images, also known as “Search Engine Optimization” or SEO. I can register your site, add keywords and a description, but professional SEO experts may be worth the expense to bring you new customers.

The price of a web site: “How much does a website cost?” is like asking “How much does a car cost?” There are bare-bones websites,  badly designed Web sites, and sites that are wonderful to visit! The great thing about a Web site is that it can be built incrementally. For example, you can start with just a few pages, and after awhile, add more pages or make changes. That’s why my job should never be “done”.

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